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Исполнитель: Wine From Tears

Название аудио: Feeding the Angel

Время mp3: 05:37

Дата публикации: 2016-03-13

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Текст песни:

The day began without your smile
You woke up lonely, in deniel
My name is always on your lips
And you’re crying, you’re crying

I can’t forget last kiss of world
You kissed my arm, but it was cold
When I was bleeding on the wind
I was dying, I’m dying

I wish to hold my hand in your’s
Our love will cross the universe
I’m cought by prison of the sky
And you’re lonely ‘cause I’m far

So let’s pretend that I’m alive
Come down to you to bring my Love
We’ll be as close as used to be
And I’m waiting, I’m waiting...

Feeding the angel high
At the top of ancient mountain
I’d spread my wings if i could fly
But my solitude I’m counting

You try to find me through nightfall
I hear your voice, I hear the call
Nobody is found in darkness
And you’re closing your eyes

The frozen river is my blood
My heaven shows me only road
Come high to feed me one more time
And to embrace me...

Wine From Tears - Feeding The Angel

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