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Исполнитель: Terror

Название аудио: Overcome

Время mp3: 02:27

Дата публикации: 2014-09-20

Просмотров: 294


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Текст песни:

Everything I loved left me
Everything I cared for died or changed
I've fallen, I failed
And I lost everything I fought to gain
Over - Overcome
Everytime you spit in my face
Over - Overcome
Add more weight! I won't break
Over - Overcome
Won't allow myself to be beat
Overcome, Overcome, rise back up

Always trouble surrounding me
But I've learned from past mistakes
I've seen true hate, felt real pain
Still there's nothing that can stop me

Break me down
I will rise back up

I'll overcome

Best friends become strangers
True love it turns to hatred
Nothing you can do to me
Still something deep inside
Tells me to be free

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