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Исполнитель: Happy Days

Название аудио: No Tomorrow

Время mp3: 05:14

Дата публикации: 2014-10-21

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Текст песни:

Open these bleeding valves
Devour this world with my filth
Pollute the air you breathe
Pollute your eyes so you can see, the reality of what this world has become, this is the last sunrise.
So enjoy this false happiness, because there is no tomorrow.
No tomorrow, slit your final vein, close your eyes, this is your last day, make the most of it.
Don't be scared, don't be sad.
You were at your peak and you lived your life.
You served your purpose.
Death is calling your name.
Let me lead you, just follow me.
I'm the voice in your head that's telling you...
There is no tomorrow...

Happy Days - No Tomorrow

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