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Исполнитель: Gotthard

Название аудио: Dirty Devil Rock

Время mp3: 04:15

Дата публикации: 2014-09-27

Просмотров: 315


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Текст песни:

Hot fever's burning
got a shiver down my spine
hard lovin' woman still goin' through my mind
blame on you, blame on me
if you're the apple the snake is what I'll be

And all is gettin' back
to where it once belonged yeah yeah
I've got my fingers burned
and I've just lost my soul on dirty devil rock
on dirty devil rock

Oh Lord have mercy
I can't stand it anymore
I dealt with the devil now he's knockin' on my door
I know you, you know me I am a sinner guess I'll always be

Gotthard - dirty devil rock

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