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Исполнитель: Ghinzu

Название аудио: Blow

Время mp3: 08:55

Дата публикации: 2014-09-09

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Текст песни:

You are sent to take
Every time I fall
Every piece of me

You are my faith
You are my faith
Every sign you've made
To tell me who I am

Sometimes you're the crowd
screaming too loud
telling me what I'm not

When tugging me all the time
I know you're out there
Every sun that breaks
Is a ticket to the show

Did you ever know
There's a light inside your bones
The hope that you can't hide
and it teases you every night

And you don't understand
glaring at the light
Sitting like a dog
In your ordinary life

Why you're so paralyzed
Why don't you spit it out
Coming on your face
Oh yeah

Feel you
Feel me
One life
One shot
One love
Now you're a mannequin

Cane gun
Brain waves
Controled white man

High speed
Gang bang
Black out
You're not dragster man

Would you tell me who you are right now
Don't tell me you don't know
'cause I know
Every piece of you that breaks
Everytime you lie
Every time you say you're fine

I guess
It's time for you to get use to you

Don't tell me you don't know
'cause I know
'cause I know

Please take me somewhere we can hide, somewhere we can dance the boogie
Please bring me something
Please give me something

Ghinzu - Blow

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