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Исполнитель: Filipp Sikovskiy (Филипп Сиковский)

Название аудио: Without Her

Время mp3: 03:47

Дата публикации: 2015-05-08

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Текст песни:

Without her

1. I’m not trying to think about her
There’s a border long time between us
I had tried to love alone her
But time passed and it’s us less

Припев : Without her,
Without her
I’m alone

2. My heart doesn’t know how to love you
I can’t hide it from you no longer
So I’m running from this without you
I’m so sorry this game is over

3. I don’t need you any more
I’ll forget you that’s for sure
One more sunrise
One more hurt
One more dawn
You’re alone and I’m alone

Harry Nilsson - Without Her (1971)

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