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Исполнитель: Andriesh Gandrabur

Название аудио: Pathologic (Evgine№9 mix)

Время mp3: 03:04

Дата публикации: 2015-05-07

Просмотров: 500


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Текст песни:

"Henry Bowers - I like darkness"

I like darkness
and not metaphorically speaking
I simply like the lack of light
I like movies in black and white
but not literally
I mean that as in movies with plots with obvious opposites
I like cookies with chocolate chips
they go great with cool aid
I like school days
and I’ve done so ever since the day I graduated
I like reviews that are heavily exaggerated
good or bad doesn’t matter much
as long as they have that psychopathic touch

I like words that unravel
the dirt and the gravel
I like to travel
as long as I can do it rhyming
I like jokes with not just bad but perfectly stupid timing

sometimes I like to open my window
just to let some noise in
I like my town with a little drop of poison
though I really can’t tell why
I like to sell my records at local stores
I like Tom Waits’ vocal chords
‘cause they remind me of that old dusty road
Woody was blowing down
and then transformed into a metaphor
still so valid in this modern age we appear to be in
and I’ve overcome my fear of the wind
I like the beard on my chin
and the things it tells me about people and their flaws
old folks think I’m a terrorist
and kids think I’m Santa Claus
and who knows
I’m probably partially a bit of both

I prefer a full moon to a shiny sun
I like “apocalypse 91…”
my favourite PE record
with tracks sending shockwaves flying through the air
like cannonballs
I like other animals and I eat vegetarian
but not necessarily health food
and I’m slowly starting to like myself too

and I’m slowly starting to like myself too

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